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5/13/2015: Newman Dining Summer Hours More

5/12/2015: Summer Mass & Sacrament Schedule More

4/10/2015: Graduation Masses & Reception More

3/20/2015: Holy Week 2015 More

3/5/2015: Spring Break Schedule 2015 More

2/16/2015: Stations of the Cross More

2/13/2015: Ash Wednesday 2015 More

2/13/2015: Busy Person's Retreat 2/23-2/26 More

12/19/2014: New Year's Eve / New Year's Day Mass Schedule More

12/15/2014: Christmas Mass Schedule More

12/15/2014: Semester Break Mass & Sacrament Schedule More

12/11/2014: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe More

12/9/2014: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe More

12/2/2014: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception More

12/1/2014: Christmas Concert & Mass 12/6 More

11/11/2014: Catholic Illini Christmas in Chicago More

11/10/2014: Stump the Bishop, November 20 More

11/10/2014: Welcome Home Alumni More

11/10/2014: Thanksgiving Break Mass Schedule More

10/29/2014: All Saints Day Eucharistic Procession More

10/23/2014: Linda Couri: From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life More

10/7/2014: Newman Day Celebration! More

10/6/2014: Newman Day! More

9/25/2014: Explanatory Mass More

9/25/2014: Love, Marriage, & Newman More

9/23/2014: The Secret to Holiness More

9/15/2014: Run for Justice 5K 10/4 More

9/12/2014: Day of Adoration & Eucharistic Procession More

9/12/2014: Christmas in Chicago More

8/26/2014: Comm[UNITY] Nights More

8/18/2014: Welcome Back & Mass Schedule More

8/11/2014: Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary More

5/28/2014: Come Home This Summer More

5/20/2014: Memorial Day Mass Time More

5/16/2014: Summer Mass Schedule Effective May 18, 2014 More

5/13/2014: Fr. Luke Spannagel Appointed to SJCNC More

5/13/2014: A Message from Msgr. Ketcham More

4/21/2014: Annual Graduation Mass & Reception Set for May 18, 2014 More

4/2/2014: Holy Week Schedule More

3/18/2014: Spring Break Mass Schedule More

2/19/2014: March 5 - Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule More

12/20/2013: Christmas Break Mass Schedule More

12/16/2013: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Mass Times More

11/7/2013: Newman Hall Seeking Resident Director Applications More

10/31/2013: All Saints Day Mass Times More

10/21/2013: RA Applications Now Available More

10/10/2013: The Real Exorcist Returns More

9/19/2013: Celebration of Korean Martyrs More

9/11/2013: Newman Shares! Food Pantry Opens Today More

8/23/2013: Mass Schedule More

7/26/2013: Run for Justice 5K More

7/12/2013: Seeking Hall Office Manager More

7/1/2013: July 4th Mass at 9 AM More

6/11/2013: Salesian Priest Announced More

5/21/2013: Three New Clergy Appointed to SJCNC More

5/6/2013: Summer Mass Schedule More

4/30/2013: SJCNC To Launch New Campus Food Pantry More

4/18/2013: A Life of Faith & Science: Dr. Jerome Lejeune More

4/15/2013: Annual Graduation Mass & Reception is May 11 More

4/3/2013: Restless Heart More

4/3/2013: Tridentine Latin Mass More

4/3/2013: Benedict XVI & The Crisis of Christianity in Western Culture More

4/2/2013: Memorial Mass for Philip Edgerley More

3/22/2013: Holy Week Schedule More

3/14/2013: Mass for the Repose of Gail Davis More

3/8/2013: Spring Break Mass Schedule More

2/26/2013: Celebrate Pope Benedict XVI More

2/22/2013: Vatican Scientist to Critique Stephen Hawking's Grand Design More

2/20/2013: Is Faith Reasonable? More

2/13/2013: Stations of the Cross More

2/13/2013: 2013 Lenten Resolve: Prayer & The Mass More

2/11/2013: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns More

1/18/2013: Ash Wednesday Schedule More

12/10/2012: Christmas Break Mass Schedule More

12/4/2012: Immaculate Conception Mass Schedule More

11/27/2012: Am I Good Enough for God? More

11/26/2012: Christmas Concert & Mass More

11/16/2012: Holy Day Vigil Mass & Celebration in Downtown Chicago More

11/13/2012: Daughter of a King Women's Night, Thu 11/15 More

11/12/2012: How Do I Find Happiness in Love & Sex? More

11/12/2012: Thanksgiving Dinner, Thurs., 11/15 More

11/7/2012: Fall Break Mass Schedule More

11/5/2012: Vocations Fair, Thursday 11/8 More

10/29/2012: All Saints Day: Mass & Eucharistic Procession Schedule More

10/24/2012: Annual Eucharistic Procession, 11/1 More

10/24/2012: Homecoming Tailgate, Saturday 10/27 More

10/24/2012: What's So Catholic About Interfaith Initiatives?, 10/25 at 8pm More

10/22/2012: Support SJO & Get FroYo More

10/17/2012: Winter Break Mission Trip to Tampa, FL More

10/16/2012: Catholic Arts Festival, Saturday 10/20 More

10/15/2012: RA Applications open More

10/1/2012: Run for Justice 5k, October 6 More

10/1/2012: Morality & Love October 10 More

9/11/2012: Lord of the Rings Discussion Group More

9/10/2012: What Does It Mean To Love? More

9/7/2012: Calling All Artists! More

9/4/2012: Talk on Suffering & Evil, Wed. 9/5 More

8/13/2012: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary More

5/11/2012: Summer Mass Schedule Begins May 13, 2012 More

4/30/2012: Annual Graduation Mass & Reception Set for May 12, 2012 More

4/16/2012: Position Open for Director of Marketing and Communications More

4/11/2012: Join us for Catholic Illini Comm[Unity] night! More

4/9/2012: 1st Annual Summer Homecoming! More

4/8/2012: Calling Catholic Illini 2012 More

4/3/2012: Holy Week Schedule More

3/29/2012: Living Stations of the Cross on the Quad-Good Friday More

3/9/2012: Calling Catholic Illini 2012 More

3/9/2012: Spring Break Mass Schedule More

2/16/2012: Veritas Forum Welcomes Peter Kreeft to Campus More

2/6/2012: Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule More

1/12/2012: Homily Honoring Chaplain Emeritus, Msgr. Edward J. Duncan, P.A. More

1/4/2012: Chaplain Emeritus, Monsignor Edward Duncan Passes Away at 96 More

12/6/2011: Immaculate Conception Mass Schedule More

11/28/2011: St. John's Annual Christmas Concert & Mass More

11/8/2011: Fall Break Mass Schedule More

10/18/2011: Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout More

9/27/2011: SJCNC Welcomes Matthew Kelly to Campus! More

9/7/2011: Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit at St. John's More

8/22/2011: Msgr. Stuart Swetland Returns to Campus More

6/28/2011: A Message from our Director & Head Chaplain More

4/26/2011: Annual Graduation Mass & Reception More

4/12/2011: Announcement from the Director More

4/8/2011: Walking Stations of the Cross on the Quad More

4/7/2011: Wonder What It Is Like To Work In The Vatican? More

3/18/2011: Spring Break Mass Schedule More

3/15/2011: The Day to Day Experiences of Working For & In The Vatican More

3/11/2011: Stations of the Cross during Lent More

2/25/2011: Ash Wednesday Schedule-March 9 More

2/15/2011: Announcement from the Director More

11/23/2010: The Healing of Deacon John Sullivan More

11/1/2010: Jack Roeser to Speak at St. John's More

10/20/2010: SJO's 5K Run for Justice in Crystal Lake Park More

10/7/2010: Fr. Jeff Grob-Exorcist to Speak at St. John's More

10/7/2010: 24 Hours of Grace More

8/25/2010: Hear Fr. Co's Radio Interviews! More

8/19/2010: SJCNC's Shawn Reeves Featured in EWTN Story More

8/10/2010: Fr. Anthony Co Returns from Mission Trip More

7/30/2010: Update on Dr Howell's Reinstatement More

7/16/2010: Announcement Regarding Dr. Howell More

7/4/2010: 200 campus ‘missionaries’ trained at U. of I. Newman More

5/17/2010: Follow that priest... on Twitter! More

5/6/2010: Graduation Festivities - May 15 More

4/5/2010: Pictures from Living Stations of the Cross More

3/9/2010: Catholic-Muslim dialogue on Mary More

3/8/2010: We've got a blog! More

2/18/2010: Video & Audio of D'Souza-Loftus Debate Available Here! More

2/9/2010: Dinesh D'Souza and John W. Loftus debate TONIGHT! More

2/5/2010: 40 Hours Devotion with Fr. Tom Holloway More

1/13/2010: The Great God Debate comes to Univ. of Illinois More

12/11/2009: FOCUS team prepares to lead over 100 students to Orlando More

12/7/2009: December 8, Holy Day of Obligation More

12/2/2009: Advent Reflections More

11/12/2009: Illini Market to close More

11/4/2009: 5K Run for Justice this Saturday! More

10/28/2009: "The Real Exorcist" draws crowd of nearly 1700 More

10/22/2009: Return of "The Real Exorcist" More

10/7/2009: New movie on Fatima miracle to be screened at SJCNC More

9/30/2009: Fr. Wade Menezes to speak during 24 Hours of Grace More

9/30/2009: Newman RAs featured in Daily Illini More

9/22/2009: '40 Days for Life' Begins Today More

9/18/2009: Need forgiveness? More

8/30/2009: Flood Situation Update More

8/28/2009: Flooding at SJCNC More

8/21/2009: Welcome Home! More

6/2/2009: Listen to Cardinal George's Grad Mass Homily More

5/27/2009: Cardinal George to Newman grads: Friendship is more than Facebook More

4/14/2009: Dr. Howell on EWTN Radio More

3/30/2009: 'Legacy Liturgy' planned for May 16 More

3/24/2009: Two students spend Spring Break 'Biking for Babies' More

3/13/2009: Author Joseph Pearce to speak at SJCNC More

2/20/2009: Schedule for Divine Mercy Weekend More

2/20/2009: Catholics at the Capitol More

2/3/2009: Missionaries Plan for Illinois Summer More

12/18/2008: Dr. Howell publishes new book on Ignatius of Antioch More